WS Hydro

Date of Birth:
WS Hydro's sire is Rio Bravo Chex, and his dam is WS Shine Down. Finding a bull with a pedigree as powerful as WS Hydro's is as rare as his color. WS Hydro's dam, grand-dam and great grand-dam are all over 85 inches tip to tip. WS Hydro is the perfect blend of consistent horn producing families . WS Hydro has Tari Graves in his pedigree 3 times , JP Rio Grande 2 times , Tejas Star 1 time , and just the right dose of Butler to bring it all together. WS Hydro has 11 over 80" ttt ancestors and several with over 100" of TH . WS Hydro has been called mulberry roan , blue roan ,and wine roan ,but we think the best way to describe the color of a bull with this many Elite animals in his pedigree is platinum .
Owner Name:
Hicks/Davis/Manning partnership
Tom Smith
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WS Hydro