Great Lakes Texas Longhorn Association

3rd Annual Futurity
New in 2021: Bull Classes

Saturday June 19th, 2021

Triple-r- Ranch

 11585 Round Lake road, Horton, MI.

Are you looking to learn more about Texas Longhorn Cattle?
Are you looking to gain more exposure to your breeding program?
Are you looking to learn more about Futurities with out spending a lot of money and traveling across the country?
Are you looking for a family fun summer event?
Are you looking to compete against some of the best breeding programs in the Country?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions than the GLTLA Futurity is perfect for you. Come join us for our 3rd annual event. We look forward to seeing old and new faces. 

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors

Buckle Sponsorship: $600 – Josh & Megan Shaw / Harv Brandt - HNB Longhorns

Buckle Sponsorship: $600 – Ryan & Audrey Andrews - Twisted A Longhorns

Senior Grand Champion Rifle Sponsorship: $500 – EC Longhorns

Junior Grand Champion Rifle Sponsorship: $500 – Greg Kott - Laid Back Ranch

Bull Grand Champion Rifle Sponsorship: $500 – Mark Hubbell - Hubbell Longhorns

 Class Sponsorship: $125

Heifer Classes:

1 Class Sponsorships: Henry Detweiler
2 Class Sponsorships: EC Longhorns
3 Class Sponsorships: Piggott Longhorns
4 Class Sponsorships: 
Richway Ranch

5 Class Sponsorships:
Twisted A Longhorns

6 Class Sponsorships: Triple R Ranch

Bull Classes:
1 Class Sponsorships: Barberry Longhorns  
2 Class Sponsorships:
 Barberry Longhorns 

3 Class Sponsorships:  Rice Ranch

Class Sponsorships: Rice Ranch

Added Money Sponsorships:

$500 GNTLA

$200 Young Ranch

$200 4 Oaks Farm

2021 GLTLA Money Winners Correction.pdf

2021 GLTLA Scores Correction rev 2.pdf

2021 Online GLTLA Entry Form- Preferred

2021 GLTLA Entry Form.pdf

2021 GLTLA Futurity Sch..pdf

2019 Stats:
# of Animals: 58
Cash Payout: $4,950
Calcutta Payout: $5,523

2020 Stats:
# of Animals: 63
Cash Payout: $6,900
Calcutta Payout: $6,620

GLTLA Futurity Scores.pdf

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